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Planet Xancara (PX) is a mystical place, safely nestled in the mountains of the West Coast of Southern Africa. It overlooks one of the oldest heritage sites on earth, where some of the earliest evidence of human art and design was found - dated as far as back 160 000 ago - making the site ancient and near sacred.

In recent times, and for nearly a decade, PX has hosted some of the worlds' most interesting and respected people from all walks of life. It has become a place where people and cultures connect through incredible food, music and other mystical and magical experiences.

We believe change is inevitable and as such, PX has evolved and become even more dedicated to create unique and tailored experiences for our guests and friends alike.

Share with us your vision for your stay, and allow us to create a unique experience just for you... that's how you unlock the true magic of Planet Xancara. 

From zar R1800.00 p.p / night 
*2020 Spring - Summer rates

Enjoy a day or two at one of the most magical places on the west cost from ZAR R1800 p.p per night.

Rates include accomodation, all meals and drinks with meals. We don't have a cash bar but you're welcome to bring your own drinks along without any extra charges.

We are generally very busy in summer time, especially so on weekends, so we ask that you enquire well in advance.

Further terms and condition provided respectively.

modern camping
with the perfect
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"This place is magically wonderful, a true retreat destination that we can’t wait to return to over and over again! Your hospitality and vision of Plant Xancara is dream-like! And your food is out of this world.

- Sara

Receive news on accommodation specials, retreats and other mystical experiences.

It's 2020 and we find ourselves moving into a new paradigm. We find ourselves evolving just like our ancestors did thousands of years ago on this very land. Part of our mission is to create spaces for people to connect more meaningfully and on greater values and purpose. We find ourselves becoming more passionate about the exploration and sharing of different cultures and values.

Our seasonal experiences are curated with our friends from the Land of MilQ + Honey - one of Cape Towns most passionate explorers of ancient and modern cultures.  MilQ + Honey have become known in Cape Town for creating some of the most magical and sacred spaces around town. Be sure to contact them if you'd like a little something extra added to your stay.

Experiences are booked separately, so be sure to contact us in advance to arrange this and more. 


If you love sleep and resting as much as we do, then this is something you must experience, we introduce you to some natural methods for inducing the deepest sleeps.

  • Sleep Ceremony

  • Crystal Blanket 

  • Natural Methods for healthy sleep (Breathework, meditation, crystal healing and journalling, natural medicines - teas, oils and tinctures)

  • Induced Sleep Sessions 

Includes: Crystal Blanket, Journal, Stationery and Sleep Pack "Starter Kit" containing various herbs and equipment.


Explore the powers of sonic vibrations. From healing to synchronised movement and chanting. This experience takes you on a journey of connecting to your highest self through the magic of sound. 


The experience includes private performances and immersive sessions with an artist curated to your mood. 


All of the artists are highly experienced and passionate explorers and pioneers of their own parth, with their own sound. These are some of the best local and international acts, money can't buy. List of artists and performers as well as bios etc. are provided upon enquiry.


A tasting and lesson in how to create your own decoctions, concoctions and potions. Learn from the best of our herbalist, alchemists and plant people as we introduce you to some of the many beautiful cultures on all things drinkable.

  • Signature Beverage Experience

  • Teas Ceremony

  • Tincture Making (medicine / flavours)

Includes: Your own starter kit of tintures, ingredients as well as a bottle of your own decoctions and potions. 


A seasonal co-creation of food and drink. Includes a day of fine dining from breakfast to lunch. Food you’ve never experienced with people you'll never forget.

We also introduce you to:

  • Special Menus

  • Home Gardening

  • Local + Coastal Foraging 

  • Alternative Cooking Classes


Our second favourite of the cultures, that of cleanliness and godliness. Let us take you on a natural cleansing regime using plants, water, rest, food and fasting. From Auric (Energy Field) to Body and Spiritual cleanses. Strict or fun, you choose, the level of the experience is up to you.

  • Water + Tea Fast

  • Herbal Foot Soaks 

  • Organic Face Masks

  • Specialised Meals and Drinks

  • Natural Immune Boosting


Let us re-introduce you to the culture of Spirit through a mystical journey with the shamans of our tribe. 

  • Custom / Unique Experience guided by our tribal shamans.


We have hosted many wonderful ceremonies at Planet Xancara. From weddings to more sacred ceremonies and mystical ceremonies as well as alternative weddings.

Feel free to reach out and discuss any ideas you have or if you would like to host a magical moment at Plant Xancara. 

  • Weddings

  • Alternative Celebrations


The picturesque and wild landscapes make for the perfect backdrop. If you would like to use the space for any photo shoots or commercial purposes, pleae contact us to enquire about our rates as well as the terms and conditions.


The best experiences are generally the moments meant just for us. If you would like to co-create the most incredible weekend that is a bit of all the magic we have to offer, speak to us. 

We can provide you with a buffet of options for your body, mind and soul to feast on while you enjoy your time with us.

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