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Tue, 06 Jun


Location is TBD

Kamboga Retreat - Still Nothingness

Join us for this precious opportunity with the profound and often misunderstood master teacher plant.

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Kamboga Retreat - Still Nothingness
Kamboga Retreat - Still Nothingness

Time & Location

06 Jun 2023, 15:00 – 12 Jun 2023, 10:00

Location is TBD

About the event

We invite you to join us to receive the wisdom teacher, Bwiti (animist lineage of Central Africa) and master plant, Iboga; supporting medicines and embodied practices to prepare the mind, body and spirit with clarity and understanding for the ultimate journey.

The work with Iboga is grounding our spirit into the purpose and work it came here to do. The journey of the ceremony is the practice of dying consciously and facilitates an awakening of our true nature. Iboga initiates a remembrance known as ‘awakened embodiment’ in the neural pathways, cellular tissues and the core of our DNA to now live authentically in this lifetime. This physical reset is what makes Iboga uniquely special from other plant medicine spirits and psychedelics. Until now, we only had this opportunity through a lifetime of meditation practice.

Supporting Medicines and Practices


Kambô is the Amazonian Frog medicine from the secretion of the giant monkey tree frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) traditionally used and collected for us by the Matses people of Peru. Kambô has many physical healing properties in the powerful peptides that are contained within the secretion. There are 96 patents held by pharmaceutical companies on the components of Kambo. Luckily for the protection of the Amazon, the only way to prepare and administer this medicine is in the traditional way.

Kambô as a form of spiritual cleansing is as profoundly effective as it physical benefits. It is traditionally used to clear psychic obstructions and malcontent from the subtle bodies. However, it’s physical benefits are range from anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-tumour, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, immune boosting, mood regulating, hormone balancing. Kambô assists the body in return to homeostasis.

Traditionally before the Iboga journey, purging and spiritual cleansing is an integral part of the rites. In our experience, Kambô is extremely effective and compassionate compared with the prolonged processes of the emetics (medicines for vomiting and purging) of the Bwiti forest practices. Recognising the sensitivity of each person, we step you softly into the awakening fire of the Kambo.

Kambô is masterful at igniting self healing and exorcising attachments in the physical and energetic field. Immediately noticeable afterwards, the immune system is boosted; habitual cravings, mental distractions and restlessness are silenced. We find ourselves in an expanded open heart space; clarity and vitality now flow freely in all aspects of life.


An eye medicine for clearing spiritual delusion (‘nisun’) and blockages (‘panema’) from the energy field and body. Just as Kambô assists the process before the Iboga ceremony, Sananga is the companion medicine for afterwards assisting in energetic realignment and grounding after the Iboga. These spiritual eye drops have a special ability to cleanse our third eye and heal physical ailments to the eye area. 

Falun Gong

This practice consists of five simple meditative movements, practiced with mindfulness to cultivate awareness, (self) compassion, equanimity (non-judgement) and patience. Combined with the right approach these special energy practices are a high octane spiritual fuel for awakening and consciousness shift.

We are seeing the strength and resilience from the regular light body practice and self cultivation as it supports the concentration and energy body for undertaking a significant journey with Iboga.

NowZen Dancing

Movement is our birthrite of living in a body and we will be dancing as a way to explore self reflection and meditation in a dynamic way. There are no right or wrong ways to move. This dynamic and spontaneous movement of dance allows for a discovery of how to let ourselves be and to see how we are in every changing phase of the week long journey.

Meditation, Self reflection and Conscious Intent Circle

To tune in, check in and connect with what is being brought up by the plant medicine in the lead up to the ceremonial weekend. This practice of reflection allows for a deeper understanding to be revealed as to our core intent for the medicine and a greater gift of self realisation to birth afterwards.

About the Facilitators

Sean Hamman

Bwiti N’ganga Lembe Na’Khoy

& Lead Facilitator

Sean Hamman initiated into Bwiti in 2007 in Gabon. He is Bwiti N’ganga in the Mitsogo tradition. His formal apprenticeship included thorough practice and study of the traditional songs, dances, spells and healing rites of Bwiti, pursuing an extensive traditional apprenticeship with Adamus, a French-Gabonese Bwiti organisation and spiritual community.

Since then, he has shared the practice of awakening through satsang and Bwiti animist teachings with over 8000 people over the past 17 years throughout the U.K., Czech Republic, Holland, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Spain, North America and Australia.

Sean also draws upon extensive and various shamanic teachings and training throughout the past 20 years. Including, but not limited to Metamorphic Technique, Merkaba trainings according to Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Four Winds - an international program founded by Alberto Vilolldo of the Institute for Energy Medicine, 5 year study under Rolando Monteiro of the ayahuasca church of the Santo Daime.

Nicole Hermes

Still Nothingness Coordinator

Ceremonialist & Kambo Practitioner

In 2015, I began my apprenticeship to Bwiti with Sean Hamman, assisting Kambo and Iboga ceremonies in southern England, Australia, North America and Europe. I have been in full time ceremonial service and practice; organising and assisting many Kambo and Iboga ceremonies throughout the past 7 years.

My main role is providing consultation, guidance and support for participants in their transformation of lifestyle and psycho-spiritual challenges through our Still Nothingness’ Kambo and Iboga practice.

Over the past 18 years, I have explored and studied esoterica, yogic instruction with Yoga Alliance trainings from 2011-2021, Buddhist self inquiry and meditation, ordeal pathways and ritual; supporting people through uncomfortable processes kindly, carefully and with a lot experience.

How to book this retreat

Amount: TBC 

Please email us at or WhatsApp Nicole at 0660178771 to express your interest and to arrange a phone consultation to discuss your calling and the details of the preparation.

Places are limited to 12 participants.

We are offering this retreat at the same rate as our non residential Kamboga ceremony (which typical includes 1 evening of Kambo and 3 days of Iboga ceremony) It is our heartfelt desire to much to make this special work accessible in this beautiful setting.

As such the additional cost are for loving care, catering and accommodation of our exquisite hosts at Planet Xancara.

We believe that a ceremonial work held in the outstandingly beautiful natural surroundings of Planet Xancara provides a unique setting to ground silence and presence, as taught by nature combined with these precious sacraments.

In Beauty,

Sean and Nicole

Still Nothingness

Instagram @kamboga_awakening

*Kindly note that this is an independently organised retreat. Please contact the facilitators directly through details provided or click on "Connect Me" button below.

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