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Location is TBD


A sacred weekend of Awakening to the truth of who you are, the Divine Flower within. Join Mel and Gui as they guide you on a weekend-long, sacred journey inward through a unique combination of ancient practices.

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Time & Location


Location is TBD

About the event

For those seeking to be connected to one’s Essence is the key to harvest Flowers of inner Peace, Well-being and Joy.

Together, Mel and Gui will guide you on a weekend-long sacred journey inward with the following powerful medicines:

• An introduction to Shamanic Knowledge and rituals from Africa and the Americas; learning about our internal, interpersonal, and transpersonal dynamics.

• Shamanic Constellations – a sacred process of meeting our ancestors in the morphic field to discover rooted connections we all have to our family systems, our ancestors, and all of life, and unblock ancestral hindrances that limit our ability to manifest our highest potential.

• Powerful meditation and visualisation journeys to access higher levels of Self, heal and clear negative imprints within the energetic/subtle body, and ultimately re-integrate aspects of one’s original Soul blueprint.

• Shamanic drum journeys to clear and realign our energy centres/chakras, and to invoke our Power Animals and Soul Guides within this lifetime.

• Indigenous Sound Immersion throughout the weekend with Freeman LoTS; a story-telling through a blend of modern and ancient rhythmic sounds. 

• Santo Daime meditation ceremony with Ayahuasca. To receive the teachings and healings from the Grandmother directly to the heart.

• Ecstatic dance and journeying with the medicine of Los Ninos, abandoning ourselves to the ancient and primal rhythms Within.

• Medicine Sweatlodge/Temazcal. An ancient cosmic rebirthing sauna Ritual, accompanied by the guidance of Grandfather plant, Peyote.

Your Facilitators

Gui changed his career from acting/dancing/clowning to counselling (clownselling 🤡) because of Psilocybin mushroom journeys he shared in a group of spiritual seekers in L.A in 1992, where he lived whilst completing a Masters program in Spiritual Psychology.  He now lives in an Ayahuasca community in Brazil, practising Shamanism, Systemic Constellations, Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy and Medicinal Cannabis.  

Gui is a Thokoza Sangoma, Umkhulu Sebastian; he has travelled to South Africa regularly since 2005, serving Medicines, teaching ASAS and supporting the Itzachilatlan Vision Quest.

Melanie practices as an Energy Intuitive and psychologist, embodying an integrative approach to healing which includes: guided and silent meditation; visualisations; shamanic journeys; energetic healing of the etheric/subtle body; Soul reclaim and integration (primarily through the ancient technique of Eye/Soul Gazing); and Shamanic Constellations.

FreeMan LoTS has his ancestry deeply rooted in the Khoe and San lineages of Southern Africa, FreeMan LoTS (also known as Gershan), draws on a combination of Indigenous, organic instruments, spoken word, and affirmative expression to create a mix of modern and ancient rhythms.  His music is a telling of unspoken stories and messages, and a truly mesmerising journey into the ancient knowledge of those that came before him on this magnificent land. 


Cost is R12,900 per person (2 people per luxury tent).

Includes accommodation, food, beverages, medicines and rituals.

An alcohol-free weekend.

A 50% Deposit is required by 27 March to secure your place.


If this retreat in any way resonates with you, please contact the facilitator directly on:

For bookings and further information:

Please send a private message or contact Melanie via:

Whatsapp: @ +27 (0)82 378 9245 


Alternatively, you can click on the button below and we will direct you to the appropraite people.

*Kindly note that this is an independently organised retreat. Please contact the facilitators directly through details provided or click on "Connect Me" button below.

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